Saint Porphyrios Kavsokalyvitis:

-I will give you an example, to understand.

Imagine a city with five hundred thousand inhabitants who sin.

In a monastery there lives a monk, an ascetic, who raises his clean hands to God and begs him not to punish all those thousands who sin.

I assure you, for the sake of that ascetic, God does not punish the five hundred thousand people.

– What you are telling us is amazing.

– Know that the Saints of God are capable of everything.

The Saint can ask God for what he wants and God will give it to him.

The power of the Saints is very great.

“Anthology of advice from Elder Porphyrios”

St Symeon

Woe to us who pray to God and give alms but our souls remain unclean.

The prayers of those who have fury are dirty. The alms of the proud are not welcomed by God.  The benevolence of the prodigal and the gifts of the advantageous do not pleasure the Lord.

The Lord cannot be played with. He wants our whole heart. We can be under the governance of the devil and think that we are pleasing God. Apostle Paul tells us, “God is not to be mocked” (Galatians 6:7)

Our mouths may very well say that we love the Lord but what is true and real is only that which is experienced by the heart.

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