He stood among them and He said, “Peace be with you” – that sweet and important and common address. It is a double peace – the peace we have towards God which is the source of reverence/piousness and that peace which we have as people amongst each other.

And as He saw that they were afraid and shaken by the unexpected and unusual sight, because they thought they were seeing a soul – a ghost, He spoke to them about the questionings in their hearts and after revealing Himself to them, He proposed that they confirm it was truly Him by examining Him and touching Him.  He then asked for food, not because He had need for food, but to confirm His resurrection for them.


And He ate the broiled fish and honeycomb which were also symbols of Christ’s Mystery. That is to say, the Word of God united Himself hypostatically with our human nature, which was like a fish swimming in the waters of pleasure-loving, passionate life, and He cleansed it with His divine unapproachable fire. Our human nature resembles that of the honeycomb because we hold the treasure of reason in our bodies just as honey is contained in the comb.


He ate these things because He was pleased to take the salvation of each human being as His food.

He did not, however, eat it all, but just a piece of the honeycomb, since not everyone believed. Nor did He take the portion Himself, but it was offered to Him by His disciples, just as they had brought the believers to Him, separating them from the faithless. 


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