To live is often to fight. Art of living is the art of learning how to fight.

I made a film about Saint Nektarios of Aegina one of the great spiritual athletes of our times. I was always drawn to the life of saints for they inspired me and gave me courage. When I discovered the mysteries of our Orthodox Church and when I decided to step into the arena to fight for true freedom, I started to read stories and teachings of the church fathers. What got under my skin in particular was the story of a great worrier Saint Anthony the Great. As he mesmerized me with his zeal for fighting, I heard there was a monastery dedicated to him in Arizona. It was because of this great fighter that I resolved by all means to get to that place where I ended up meeting gerondas Efraim of Arizona, another great spiritual athlete, whose prayers have paved a way for the film about Saint Nektarios.

Everyone get’s knocked down on the path of life but true athletes get up and continue to fight until the end.

I am very pleased that elder George is writing a book on the Athletes and the fight truly worth fighting!


Yelena Popovic


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