Elder George remains committed to transmitting to today’s youth the potency of Greece’s culture and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

To this end, Elder George Alevras has worked to re-open the historic Modestios School, in Prespa Tripoint Macedonia Greece in collaboration with the Pisoderi Forest Cooperative. The school in short order will operate as an innovation hub and training center for the wider Balkan region.


The school was founded in 1904 by the Archimandrite Modestos of Jerusalem who spent his entire life in the Holy Sepulcher and was an important educational institution of its time.

In the period the northwestern Macedonia in which Pisoderi is located, suffered many times. The region quickly became a constant battleground among various armed groups, with hostilities peaking in 1904-1908.

Initially, the Bulgarians –with the pretext of Turkish misgovernment and the inaccurate and insincere application of the reforms, as they were adopted at the beginning of 1903 with the “Vienna Reform Plan”- staged the Ili-Den uprising on 20th July 1903 in order to provoke reprisals from the Muslim population against the Christians and the Turkish Administration against the Greek inhabitants.


The Ottoman army was also involved in the conflict and perpetuated atrocities against the Christian population in attempt to quell the unrest.  The members of the Exarchist (Bulgarian) committees had embarked upon a systematic and extensive campaign of executions of the leading members of the Greek side. Moreover, Bulgarian Komitadjis, pursued a campaign of extermination of Greek and  Serbian teachers and clergy.


The Modestios school in these difficult times was the sanctuary of the Greek spirit and the ark of the preservation of the national consciousness of the Greek children.

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