Elder George and the power of unity

Elder George works tirelessly to promote the universality of Hellenism and environmental consciousness as universal values. His interests lie in promoting environmental, spiritual and cultural awareness and supporting grassroots initiatives that boost social and environmental development in Greece. The pivotal role bees play in a healthy ecosystem is a topic close to Elder’s heart. Bees are the protectors of life and a beehive’s productive and collaborative capacities continue to marvel the human mind. “We must be in tune with the principle of unity and take the beehive as a prototype of God’s community,” Elder George remarks.  Elder George follows the footsteps of his predecessor and spiritual father, Saint Porphyrios, whose selfless love for Christ and others won the hearts of many. He would often say, “When we love without seeking to be loved, everyone will gather around us like bees. This applies to everyone.”

Last May, Father George Alevras, blessed the beekeepers of the world in honor of UN World Bee Day.  Throughout the year, he also works with the Beekeeping Cooperatives of Greece to help educate the public on bees while also supporting Greek honey producers achieve the highest international standards of quality.

Elder George serves as an important bridge builder for community solidarity and economic revitalization. In collaboration with Ambelli, a community organization, Elder George has launched several projects in his native region of Trikala. By tapping into the potential of abandoned lands and communities, Elder George’s initiatives are bringing regions back to life and spurring economic growth. Impoverished families are returning to work, supporting local food production and environmental preservation efforts.

Out of love and respect for Elder George and in order to fulfill a dream of his, simple people came together and contributed financially to establish the TRIKI Center for Work Education and Employment under his leadership. The center’s anti-poverty program tackles unemployment in addition to providing access to basic necessities to the most vulnerable. 

Here are a few of the program’s highlights:

  • The installation of TRIKIBOX, a ready-to-use creamery TYROBOX or cheese production site which features modern equipment capable of yielding 300 liters of milk daily and an autonomous Photovoltaic system. In its initial phase, the program will operate on close to 20 acres of land and will support impoverished families in the region.
  • TRIKIFARM is a farming program which employs the economically disenfranchised in organic olive oil harvesting. The farming takes place on more than 80 acres of farm land and includes a new oil mill which produces the highest category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To learn more about Elder George, visit – www.spiritual-olympiad.com


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